About the Journal

International Journal of Novel Research in Science, Technology and Engineering (IJNRSTE) is a publication of Oasis International Research Institute (OIRI), a subsidiary of Oasis International Development Foundation (OIDF), a not for profit organization operating from Canada.

The main goal of OIRI is to enhance global development through research. The objectives of OIRI include:

  • To promote knowledge and research in various fields of study;
  • To globally disseminate information on new research findings via newsletters, electronic media and published journals;
  • To organize seminars, workshops and conferences;

To provide a platform for exchange of innovative ideas among academia and industry experts;


Research Areas

International Journal of Novel Researches in Science, Technology and Engineering (IJNRSTE), is a biannually peer reviewed open access journal. IJNRSTE publishes high quality articles through rigorous peer review and editing processes. IJNRSTE is committed to bringing together scientists, technologists, engineers, academicians and research scholars to share ideas that create value in the society and drive sustainable development.

IJNRSTE invites papers from, but not limited to the following topics;

Formal logic Mathematics Mathematical statistics Theoretical computer science
Game theory Decision theory Information theory
Systems theory Control theory Classical Physics
Modern Physics Applied Physics Theoretical Physics
Experimental Physics Computational Physics Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Physical Chemistry
Supramolecular Solid State Astrochemistry
Biochemistry Crystallography Food Chemistry
Geochemistry Materials Science Photochemistry
Radiochemistry Stereochemistry Surface science
Climatology Ecology Edaphology
Environmental science Geodesy Geogragraphy
Geology Geomorphology Geophysics
Glaciology Hydrology Limnology
Meterology Oceanography Paleoclimatology
Paleoecology Palynology Pedology
Volcanology Astrophysics Astrobiology
Biogeography Biological engineering Biophysics
Behavioural neuroscience Astrophysics Cosmology
Planetary geology Planetary science Stellar astronomy
Anatomy Astrobiology Biochemistry
Biogeography Biological engineering Biophysics
Behavioral neuroscience Biotechnology Botany
Cell biology Conservation biology Cryobiology
Developmental biology Ecology Ethnobiology
Ethology Evolutionary biology Genetics
Gerontology Immunology Limnology
Marine biology Microbiology Molecular biology
Neuroscience Paleontology Parasitology
Physiology Radiobiology Soil biology
Sociobiology Systematics Toxicology
Zoology Aerospace Agricultural Engineering
Biological Engineering Biomedical Enginnering Chemical engineering
Civil engineering Computer science / engineering Electrical engineering
Fire protection Genetic Industrial
Mechanical engineering Robotics Software
Medicine Veterinary Dentistry
Midwifery Epidemiology Pharmacy
Nursing Applied physics Artificial intelligence
Bioethics Bioinformatics Biomedical engineering
Biostatistics Cognitive science Complex systems
Computational linguistics Cultural studies Cybernetics
Environmental science Environmental social science Environmental studies
Ethnic studies Evolutionary psychology Forensics
Forestry Library science Mathematical / theoretical biology
Mathematical physics Military science Network science Neural engineering
Neuroscience Science studies Scientific modelling
Semiotics Sociobiology Statistics
Systems science Urban planning Web science
Aerospace engineering Archaeology Architecture
Artificial intelligence Astronomy Biology Botany
Calculus Chemistry Civil engineering
Clinical research Ecology Economics
Electrical and electronics engineering Engineering Entomology
Environmental science Geography Geology
Machine vision Mechanical engineering Meteoritics
Physics Probability and statistics Robotics
Structural engineering Galactic astronomy